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Wellington Summer Scramble 2021

Wellington Gi and No-Gi Summer Scramble!

New Zealand's Premier Grappling Circuit

Come and test out your skills at the Wellington Summer Scramble ! 

NZ Grappler run a streamlined process for athletes on the ground and will have your brackets published before the event along with the schedule.

We have been here from the start with you, working hard to bring you the best grappling circuit Oceania has ever seen. As the tournament grows, we put back in, so that we all level up together!

We believe in the circuit, so have invested so much that we have gone from running tournaments out of our gym, community hall's, to now giving you a world class stage to perform on in high level stadiums and brining international sized events and medals right here to NZ for kiwi grapplers.

New Zealand has some of the best grapplers in the world and we are proud to be apart of the growth.

Let's get 2021 ROLLING!


Kapiti College »
Margaret Road
Fuso horário: Pacific/Auckland


  • Men No-Gi 60 NZD
  • Men Gi 60 NZD
  • Juvenile Men No-Gi 60 NZD
  • Juvenile Men Gi 60 NZD
  • Women No-Gi 60 NZD
  • Women Gi 60 NZD
  • Juvenile Women No-Gi 60 NZD
  • Juvenile Women Gi 60 NZD
  • Boys No-Gi 50 NZD
  • Boys Gi 50 NZD
  • Girls No-Gi 50 NZD
  • Girls Gi 50 NZD