**Referee Escalation Policy for SJJFNZ Sanctioned Jiu Jitsu Tournaments**

The Sport Jiu Jitsu Federation of New Zealand (SJJFNZ) is committed to ensuring fairness, professionalism, and continuous improvement in officiating at our sanctioned tournaments. To address concerns or complaints about referee decisions during a match, we have established the following Referee Escalation Policy:

1. **Referee's Decision:** The referee's decision during a match is final and cannot be overturned. We ask that all participants and spectators respect the authority and expertise of our referees, who are trained to make impartial and accurate judgments.

2. **Feedback Process:** If you have concerns or wish to provide feedback regarding a referee's decision, please submit your feedback in writing to the designated Referee Coordinator or event organizer within 24 hours of the match in question. Your feedback should include specific details about the decision, as well as any relevant evidence, such as video footage, if available.

3. **Review and Analysis:** SJJFNZ will carefully review and analyze all feedback received to identify areas where our referees can improve and develop. We will incorporate this feedback into our referee training modules to ensure continuous growth and learning for our officials.

4. **Communication:** While we may not be able to provide individual responses to all feedback, we assure you that your concerns will be taken seriously and used to enhance the quality of our officiating. We appreciate your understanding and commitment to helping us maintain the highest standards in Jiu Jitsu competition.

By implementing this Referee Escalation Policy, SJJFNZ aims to foster a transparent and constructive environment for addressing concerns about referee decisions, while maintaining respect for the authority of our officials and promoting their ongoing development.