Sport Jiu jitsu federation of new zealand


The Sport Jiu-Jitsu Federation of New Zealand was formed to work in partnership with the International Federation of Sport Jiu Jitsu and NZ Government to help grow the sport here in New Zealand.

Our aim is to work with the SJJIF to prove that BJJ is a stand-alone sport worthy to gain recognition and admittance into the Olympic program as a competition event of the Olympic Games, Paralympic Games, Deaf Olympics and in all other games of the Olympic cycle.

SJJFNZ want to put NZ on the map as having some of the biggest most professional tournament circuits in the world, where kiwi's can compete in their own backyard against all levels of international competitors. This will set the stage for New Zealanders wishing to compete overseas and represent their country at the Olympic Games for BJJ.

One of the responsibilities of SJJFNZ is to ensure that associated tournament circuits in New Zealand are of a high standard, in line with the best tournaments in the world.


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