Normal registration
09 Jul - 16 Sep 11:59 pm
Late registrations
Deadline 23 Sep 11:59 pm


NZ Open Gi National Championship - come and warm up with some of the best Jiu Jitsu the country has ever seen.


DOORS OPEN @ 830am



Any children or adults that weigh in over their registered weight division will be disqualified immediately. There will be NO changing of divisions for children or adults on the day and NO refunds will be given.


I weigh in one hour before their first match and head straight to the bull pen


I you can weigh-in as early a 2 hours before your first match - up until 1 hour before your scheduled division start time. You must have officially weighed in by this hour before your division time and have made the weight, or else you will be disqualified and removed from the bracket.


If you are not in the bullpen when your name is called by the mat marshall you will be disqualified. Please ensure you are in the bullpen at least one hour before you are scheduled to fight as disqualification can disappoint. There are no exceptions, please do not contest this with officials as you could be stood down from future tournaments.


Check it out ! We keep a record of the fastest submissions .. lets see if you can make top 10 Fastest Submission history !


Division brackets along with their final placements are live updated to and readily available on the results tab of the event page.


Are available 24 hours before the event, these will be posted on our Facebook page and a link will be sent to your email address - please ensure you mark us as a 'safe sender' so you don't miss out on important information


There are no coaches or parents permitted downstairs in the fighting area. For our children divisions we have a great team of Child Minders and Mat Marshall's that help your child through the process. Please bring your child to the bull pen area, and if they are shy or upset request that one of our Child Minders come and escort them to their gym group.


Competitors who do not have anyone in their division group may be merged with another division. All athletes who remain alone in their divisions once brackets are released means we could not find anyone for them to fight safely, and therefore there are no matches available. They will receive a full coupon credit for entry to any future event of ours.

Please do not contact staff with requests to be put into other divisions or brackets that you think you or your child may do well in, as we do not accept any feedback on Bracketing. There are many factors taken into account such as safety, bracketing rules and belt protocol.


We take a few things into consideration when bracketing the kids, in this order of priority:

•Age - we try to keep ages 1-2 years maximum difference

•Weight - we try to keep the weight 1-4kg max for younger kids, 1-6kg max for older kids

DON'T WORRY if you see that your child has been moved up a division, regardless of the division, their weight will always be within the safe range.

•Gender - we try keep genders seperate with the older kids, but younger we will mix

•Belt - this is one of the last things we look at, as there is no national standardised belt system yet.

DON'T WORRY if you see your child is merged with kids with other belt colours, they are matched by age, weight and gender as a first priority.


•If you have registered for Masters and there was no one in your division, you will be merged with the mainstream pool.


We issue refunds for an event registration only in full coupon credits, that will be issued for future events. Coupon credit refunds are only given to those athletes who we have been unable to match or competitors whose opponents 'no showed' their division leaving them without a match on event day.


We appreciate your feedback, all feedback is to be in writing to [email protected]

Please note that any parents, spectators or coaches that become abusive to any of our staff will be banned from all future tournaments.


Barfoot and Thompson Stadium »
203 Kohimarama Rd
Timezone: Pacific/Auckland


  • Men Gi 85 NZD
  • Juvenile Men Gi 85 NZD
  • Women Gi 85 NZD
  • Juvenile Women Gi 85 NZD
  • Boys Gi 65 NZD
  • Girls Gi 65 NZD